The MOCA foundation is a nonprofit organization dedicated to bringing music education, activities, concerts, and projects to the Jewish community in the NL.

MOCA was founded with the vision to strengthen the bond between the Israeli and Jewish communities in the Netherlands.

MOCA’s goals are to provide educational music programs in schools, participate and perform at social and cultural events and arrange workshops for the benefit of the Jewish community in the Netherlands, and more.

MOCA is currently busy with several non-profitable musical activities.

MOCA is offering a wide range of music education activities starting from general music education workshops to instrumental workshops.

Moca is offering educational concerts and performance training and workshops.

MOCA has extensive knowledge and experience and the ability to provide for a wide range of ensembles, orchestras, and combos to every occasion. Music plays such an important cultural role in every community.

MOCA is aiming for bringing this culture to complete the event.

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